Shri Subrata Banerjee, son of SHRI SUNIL BANERJEE and Smt. ABHAYA BANERJEE, born in a Hindu joint reputed and respected brahmin family at MALANCHA, within greater Kolkata metropolitan area in the district of 24 Paraganas (south), West Bengal, India in the year 1987. He was very well behaved and well mannered and studious in his school days. He learnt thoroughly and minutely different lessons of various procedures to worship the Gods & Goddess for the purpose of Hindu/Bengali community from his father/family members and some authentic Pandit Brahmins of West Bengal alongside his school studies.

As he grew young, he started assisting his father in priestly jobs with full devotion and with sanctity. Within no time he was able to create a impression that he can perform all kinds of holy and devotional rituals by himself and with acquiring immense respect from the devotees. But unlike others, he did not neglected his studies and become a graduate from Dhrubachand Halder college, under the Calcutta University, having major in geography. He has also completed his masters from Vidyasagar university in geography 2 years later.

PUJA means worship, devotion and reverence. The objective of the PUJA ritual is to create and setup thoughts of spiritual forces in and around us. The benefit of PUJA is mainly to remove obstacles.

His aim in life is to perform an excellent Priestly-Job with perfection, devotion and sacredness to serve people find peace of mind and to help find the divine power. Already he have obtained an admirable position for the Priestly-Job and helped many people to acquire their utmost expectation of life. Several Hindu/Bengali people have been facilitated by his spiritual and devotional advices to achieve their satisfactory goal by performing various pujas with his knowledge in Sacred hymns and Vedic sacrifice.

Over 15 years experience in the devout field, he assures that a person may overcome or solve his/her problems and make a safeguard to his/her family from the evil effects and dangers without any hesitation, only by doing accurate and perfect Prayer and devotion to the preferable God & Goddess. He has devoted himself for the good self of human being by performing ritual worship of God & Goddess with great perfection, discipline and devotion. He is confident that if anybody carefully worship and pray to God & Goddess from his heart by maintaining the proper Vedic Rules in worship, he/she will be gifted a lot of Peace, happiness, Success, Prosperity, Power and Strength by God & Goddess to smoothly enjoy the life. He is determined and conscious to uphold the East Indian religious PUJA culture of the Bengali community to the whole world.

Residential Address:
VILL - Mahinagar
P.O - Malancha
P.S - Sonarpur

Purohit Subrata Banerjee
(Vedic Shastri Maharaj)

He is available as a priest/purohit for all the religious purposes (i.e. VEDIC PUJA / CEREMONY / EVENT) of the Bengali community around the WORLD.

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